Jul 26, 2013


"FAITH: PLEASING GOD" can now be downloaded at the following webpage as a booklet with all 8 Bible Studies or as individual Bible Studies. www.calvarycurriculum.com/camp_curriculum.php.


  1. I am having a difficult time downloading or printing this. Is there a way that I can purchase it or receive it in a file? I was hoping to use it as part of my homeschool curriculum starting next week.

    1. Hi Monica. We are sorry you are having a difficult time downloading the file. When you go to www.calvarycurriculum.com/camp_curriculum.php try the following...

      There are two ways to download: Click on PDF icon of that particular study and it will load. What might also work is try downloading the studies first before you print. RIGHT-CLICK on the PDF icon of the study you want to download then, depending on your computer you will have a few options on what to do. What you are looking for is the option to "SAVE AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS" or "DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE AS." Basically all you are looking for is the option to download the file to your computer. Once you do that then you can easily print from there.

      If you have additional issues please email us at calvarycurriculum@gmail.com. God bless.