Nov 13, 2013

Christian Video Series for Children of All Ages

Here are 3 video series that are awesome for children of all ages. They make GREAT Christmas gifts. :)

"What's in the Bible?"
This FIRST series is brilliant on all fronts. Recommended for 5 years old and up. It is from Phil Vischer the creator of Veggie Tales. The reason he created this series was because he wanted to created a series about the whole Bible. Here is the website (

  • Buck Denver Asks: What's in the Bible? (Volume 1-12)
  • What's In The Bible? Buck Denver Asks... Why Do We Call it Christmas?
  • Buck Denver & Friends present Clive & Ian's Wonderblimp of Knowledge (Volume 1-2)

 "Read and Share DVD Bible"
This SECOND series simply tells the Bible story. Recommended for 2 years old and up. It has a very unique but professional animation style. Here is the website where you can purchase them (

  • Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set (Contains 4 volumes)
  • Read and Share DVD Bible: The Jesus Series - Christmas
  • Read and Share DVD Bible: The Jesus Series - Life and Miracles
  • Read and Share DVD Bible: The Jesus Series - Easter

 "Theo: Teaching Children God's Word"
This THIRD series is a more in-depth series dealing with theology such as to the Armor of God, Redemption, and so on. Recommended for 1st grade and up. The creators and artists of the series hail from large animation studios. The art harkens back to the hand drawn cartoons of the classic Disney era and are absolutely stunning on that side of things. But the message is equally engaging and fun. I HIGHLY recommend this one. Here is the website (

  • Theo: God's Heart
  • Theo: God's Love
  • Theo: God's Grace
  • Theo: God's Truth

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