May 30, 2012

Our Lord’s Heart

“Our adversity is God’s opportunity. As we view the tumbled walls of moral structure in our society, we have a choice of throwing up our arms in despair, or rolling up our sleeves to reach out and rebuild from the rubble strong new walls founded on Christ the cornerstone.

Let us fashion our hearts from Nehemiah’s example. There is no question that he was called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which lay in ruin. But before he could rebuild, he had to be sensitive to the need and see the city through God’s perspective. It is no wonder why he wept over the city when he heard of it’s decay. Nehemiah’s heart for God and for the city brought him to his knees, and later to action to restore God’s vision for the city. His blueprints for rebuilding were God’s heart and destiny for Jerusalem. God used Nehemiah to restore His holy city to holy use.

Do we know and understand God’s heart for children? Do we understand God’s chosen destiny for the little ones that we are called to build and nurture with our own lives? Do we adequately survey the walls of their souls to see if they stand strong or if they are weakened by the enemy to tear apart what God intends to build?

The body of Christ is not only intended to be a wall of support to our children but also a builder of walls around their souls. As we look at our fragmented world and observe the attacks on our children, are we convicted that they can stand?

We are admonished to love our children and care for them. We are called to nurture and instruct them in the ways of the Lord. God desires us to teach our children to live their Christian lives offensively and defensively. By prayer we are also called to battle for them. Being lax in any one of these areas weakens the walls and ruins potential. God’s desire is to make our children a “fortified city, an iron pillar and bronze wall to stand against the whole land…” (Jeremiah1:18). His plans for them are of good, not evil, that they become a “mighty nation” and royal priesthood.”

(Author Unknown)

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